GEWO Katalog 2022


QUADRI ARUNA World ranking No. 10 (05/2022)


GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48 SuperSelect The smallest details make the difference – the ultimate solution for your play. This SuperSelect variant is slightly more flexible and variable; it is the perfect choice for players looking for medium-hardness rubbers with maximum performance. The highly tacky top rubber sheet and the power-loaded sponge in combination with the special gluing technique guarantee maximum speed and spin ratings and still provide sufficient control for passive playing situations. Players feeling comfor table in mid-distance rallies in addition to close-to-the table situations will enjoy GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48 SuperSelect and the clear, powerful sound it produces when you hit the ball perfectly. • Ideal for spin-oriented players with good technique. • Maximum catapult, spin and ultimate speed for a rubber of the medium-hard sponge segment. • Powerplay from mid-distance and close to the table without loss of speed and control. Speed: 134, Control: 88, Spin: 126 Sponge hardness : 2,0 mm / maXXimum Thickness: EUR46.3° – 48.8° // JP 35.5°– 37.0°/medium hard Item no.: 10563 € 62.90 OF+

GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 53 SuperSelect The ultimate choice for your offensive play. Maximum dynamics and speed ratings close to the feasible limit will help you play to your full potential. Workmanship and performance in Select qua lity. As the first GEWO rubber featuring the combination of our SSTTand OTT technologies, GEWONexxus EL Pro 53 SuperSelect is more elastic and flexible than you would expect considering the enormous hardness of its sponge. However, it still provides for ultimate speed, optimum ball contact and maximum spin. Ideal for close-to-the-table power play relying on short and ex plosive arm action. • For attackers aiming at winning quick points using all modern, offensive stroke techniques. • Maximum catapult, spin and ultimate speed for a rubber of the hard sponge segment. • Uncompromising OFF power and dynamics for table tennis on Pro Player level. Speed: 140, Control: 77, Spin: 127 Sponge hardness : 2,0 mm / maXXimum Thickness: EUR 51.9°– EUR54.4°//JP 39.5°– 41.0°/maXXimum hard Item no.: 10562 € 62.90 OF++

GEWO Nexxus ELPro45SuperSelect Precision to its fullest with every stroke – the ultimate spin machine. The medium variant of the Nexxus SuperSelect series not only offers high speed, catapult and excellent spin ratings but it is also great fun to play. Thanks to the combination of our SSTT and OTT technologies, the elastic sponge allows to ball to sink into the rubber thus increasing the dwell time of the ball and providing for excellent control at still high-speed ratings. A perfect symbiosis of performan ce, spin and control will give you the confidence you need to put your opponent under pressure with your variable top spin play. • Ideal for variable attacking styles relying on topspin variants from any position. • Maximum catapult, spin and ultimate speed for a rubber of the medium sponge segment. • S pin-oriented all-round/off players making high demands on performance, sound and fun. Speed: 128, Control: 95, Spin: 124 Sponge hardness : 2,0 mm / maXXimum Thickness: EUR 43,8°–45,8°/ JP 33,5°–35.0° / medium Item no.: 10564 € 62.90 OF/OF-


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