GEWO Katalog 2022

GEWO Table Cover Outdoor The weatherproof cover is made of UV-resistant material and is available in two qualities. Suitable for all foldable table tennis tables. Table Cover Outdoor Premium Waterproof 600D; Weight: 2300g; Extra strong material! Item no.: 10340 € 49.90 Table Cover Outdoor Waterproof 210D; Weight:800g Item no.: 10339 € 31.90

GEWO Robo Net Pro Training Perfect training accessory for robot, multi-ball and serve training. The high-quality GEWO Robot Net Pro Training is easy to handle and set up. No more time-consuming picking up of balls during and after training.

Item no.: 7742 € 149.90


GEWO Ball Catcher Well-thought-out ball pick-up box for about 130 balls. Fast, convenient collecting balls without unnecessary stooping. Delivered without a lid. Item no.: 7410 € 28.90

GEWO Pick-Up ball net High-quality training tool holding up to 72 balls. Can be folded very easily after training or com petition for space-saving storage in the supplied transport/storage bag. Item no.: 7743 € 26.90

GEWO Ball Catcher Easily collects up to 130 balls. Easy removal of the collected table tennis balls Telescopic rod continuously adjustable from 40 cm to 90 cm. Item no.: 10345 € 46.90

GEWO Grey Ball Box Ball Box for about 180 - 200 balls with a practical wooden peg, to fasten it to the table. Item no.: 2191 € 39.90

GEWO Referee-Set Contents: two yellow, red cards each, two white time-out cards, a voting stamp and a net gauge. Item no.: 10380 € 8.90

GEWO Certificate Aruna Certificate with Quadri Aruna, DIN A4.

GEWO towel box Space-saving, stable cardboard budget towel box. Dimensions: 70 x 29 x 29 cm (L/H/W) Item no.: 8092 € 14.90

GEWO Towel box (without towel) Stable design. Total height: 70 cm, box: 30 x 15 x 30 cm (L/H/W) Item no.: 6570 € 39.90

Item no.: 9848 € 0.80


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