GEWO Katalog 2022

HALLMARK Strategy DEF Five ply blade available with straight, anatomic or flared handles. A five ply slow blade designed for use with LP rubbers for close to the table play. This blade increases the effect of LP rubbers when blocking close to the table. Reverse rubber can be used on the other side which gives a good contrast for swapping between attack and defence. Speed: 25 • Control: 100 • Weight: 80 g Handle: FL, AN, ST • Layers: 5 Item no.: 1081 € 41.90 DEF/AR Very light blade with two different speed sides. Perfect for players who act with the defence side with long pimples near the table. The faster forehand side has an Anti-Vibration Cork Technology for at tacking with maximum spin and a better sweetspot. Speed: 89/65 • Control: 92/99 • Weight: 70 g Handle: FL, AN, ST • Layers: 5 Item no.: 3379 € 52.90 DEF/OF Light blade of only 75 g. The plys have been selected to produce a blade with the two sides of the blades at different speeds. The back hand is slower with more control and the forehand is faster. Perfect combination for players using long pimples on the backhand. This blade offers maximum spin reversal. Speed: 91/75 • Control: 91/95 • Weight: 75 g Handle: FL, AN, ST, P • Layers: 5 Item no.: 1897 € 52.90 DEF Very ligth blade of only 65 g. Oversize blade with thick double balsa core. Excellent for attacking play, even with pimple rubbers. Out standing control, incredible attacking properties with long pimples. Speed: 84 • Control: 94 • Weight: 65 g Handle: FL, AN, ST, P • Layers: 5 Item no.: 3378 € 58.90 HALLMARK Aurora HALLMARK Combination HALLMARK Ultra AR+/OF Five ply large oversize blade with a thick balsa core. This blade has incredible attacking characteristics. Good choice for players who want to disrupt their opponents game offensively with long pimple rubbers. Also suitable for offensive short pips and pips inside rub bers. Speed: 94 • Control: 89 • Weight: 90 g Handle: FL, AN, ST • Layers: 5 Item no.: 1021 € 58.90 OF+ Seven ply offensive blade. The special carbon veil on top of the bal sa to gives utmost control. Carbon Extreme is a very fast blade with an enlarged sweet spot. Perfect for over the table play. With ACT Technology. Speed: 100 • Control: 97 • Weight: 80 g Handle: FL, AN, ST, P • Layers: 7 Item no.: 2931 € 78.90 HALLMARK Enigma HALLMARK Carbon Extreme

Two sides of different speeds

Two sides of different speeds

Bigger racket shape

Two sides of different speeds and bigger racket shape


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