GEWO Katalog 2022





1 GEWO Aruna Hinoki Carbon OFF The legend’s blade. As versatile and creative as its name-giver. GEWO Aruna Hinoki Carbon Off is very balanced, precise and provides nice and direct feedback. For a carbon blade, it provides great feel and control, and still has more than enough topspin and smashing power and speed. Aruna Hinoki Carbon Off supports all offensive playing systems and still leaves sufficient control options for passive playing. The outer ply made of the finest, carefully selec ted Hinoki veneers provides the special touch and excellent feel. The soft core gives great control and harmonizes perfectly with the carbon fibers. Gewo Aruna Hinoki Carbon Off – for sophisticated players. Speed: 101 • Control: 88 • Weight: 90 g • Handle: FL, AN, ST Item no.: 9448 € 139.90 3 GEWO Aruna Energy ARC OFF The fastest blade of the Aruna series! GEWO Aruna Energy ARC OFF combines 5 wooden and 2 aramide carbon fiber plies such that a balanced combination of speed, hardness and control for passive and spin-rich strokes is obtained. If you are looking for the perfect balance of speed and control for powerful attacking without any compromises as regards spin, you may want to take a shot at GEWO Aruna Energy ARC. OF/OF+ OF/OF+ Speed: 103 • Control: 84 • Weight: 87 g • Handle: FL, AN, ST Item no.: 9449 € 109.90

2 GEWO Aruna OFF GEWO Aruna OFF is made of 7 specially selected and tested woo den plies glued together to produce an OFF power blade bursting with energy. Players who feel that carbon-reinforced blades are rather stiff and too fast, but are still looking for a powerful Off blade with sufficient speed to meet the demands of the new ABS balls, might want to take a closer look at the new GEWO Aruna OFF. The blade is designed for close-to-the-table and mid-distance topspin/ counterspin rallies, and still provides sufficient control and feedback for over-the-table playing. OF

5 GEWO Aruna Kids The classic veneer design without synthetic fibers features a handle which is optimized for children’s hands and has a slightly smaller blade surface. This makes GEWO Aruna Kids the perfect compa nion of young table tennis talents on their way to the top. Not too fast, a bit lighter than most blades, but still enough power and great control to make sure that our young players won’t have to switch blades again at a very early stage when their technique gets better and their strokes are more powerful and faster. OF-

Speed: 97 • Control: 91 • Weight: 88 g • Handle: FL, AN, ST Item no.: 9450 € 79.90

Speed: 86 • Control: 97 • Weight: 89 g • Handle: FL, AN, ST Item no.: 9451 € 96.90 4 GEWO Aruna Carbon ALL+ A blade designed for creative allround players who need to rely on consistent features of their blade in any situation. The 5-ply ALL de sign is rather thin and is stabilized by two carbon layers. This results in a harmonic combination of great control and precise attacking potential. The GEWO Aruna ALL+ is recommended for players who feel that most OFF blades are just too fast and many ALL blades are too slow with insufficient linearity. AR+


Speed: 87 • Control: 95 • Weight: 78 g • Handle: FL, AN, ST Item no.: 9452 € 49.90


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