GEWO Katalog 2022

NEW, FRESH AND YOUNG Any improvement matters, because every single point can make the difference. The Proton-XP has been a successful member of the GEWO product family for many years. It has become a real classic for many players of all performance classes. Ho wever, „If you don‘t go forward, you go backwards“, especially in the highly complex world of table tennis rubber design. Now, the story of success is continued. The international GEWO material experts set out with the goal of combining the proven

Proton XP

Proton feel with the demands of modern table tennis. The result is a modified high-end pro duct: The GEWO Proton Neo series.

Grad der Oberlfächenabnutzung


GEWO Proton Neo 325 • E xtremely soft sponge (32.5°) for maximum playing fun. Great sound in any stroke. • U ltimate ball control, high forgivingness, new tacky top rubber sheet (DGC40+). • F or players wanting maximum sound and spin. Speed: 102, Control: 103, Spin: 108, Sponge hardness: 32,5° | soft, Thickness: 1,8 / 2,0 / 2,2 mm Item no.: 7759 € 42.90 AR+

GEWO Proton Neo 375 • Maximum playing pleasure, high speed in all strokes, well-balanced speed, control and spin scores. • Improved and lasting playing features (LifeTec+) and new top rubber sheet (DGC40+). • For players of all performance classes. Speed: 105, Control: 101, Spin: 105, Sponge hardness: 37,5° | soft+, Thickness: 1,8 / 2,0 / 2,2 mm Item no.: 7758 € 42.90 OF

GEWO Proton Neo 475 • F or dynamic attackers who prefer direct and precise energy transfer into the ball and rely on a good feel • W hether in offensive topspin play, over-the-table pushing or in passive playing situations, Proton Neo 475 will take your play to a new dimension of fun • S peed and spin can be varied and controlled just perfectly –the precision of placement is impressive! Speed: 113, Control: 95, Spin: 104, Sponge hardness: 47,5° | hard, Thickness: 2,2 mm Item no.: 8173 € 42.90 OF

GEWO Proton Neo 450 • Best-of-class dynamics, high speed potential – you will feel the potential after just a few strokes. • Despite the 45.0° sponge, it provides for great feel and control. • The top rubber for all ambitious players with the highest demands on their equipment. Speed: 108, Control: 96, Spin: 105, Sponge hardness: 45,0° | medium+, Thickness: 2,0 / 2,2 mm Item no.: 7757 € 42.90 OF




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