GEWO Katalog 2022


The new GEWO Codexx rubber series is designed as a perfect combination of Euro pean and Asian rubbers. It combines a dynamic, hard sponge with a slightly tacky, but still flexible top sheet (ARC-HIT Technology). The new GEWO Codexx rubbers are made for dangerous, point-winning close-to-the-table playing and produce tons of power and spin. Compared to the popular Nexxus Hard series, the new Codexx rubbers produce even more rotation, thanks to the slightly tacky top rubber sheet. Due to a longer dwell time (ARC-HIT Technology), they also provide for more control in over-the-table situations. The key to ultimate power play with hard sponges and tacky top sheet.

Quality made in Germany GEWO Codexx EF Pro 54 Compared to the EL Pro 52 version, the GEWO Codexx EF Pro 54 (Explosive Friction) combines a slightly harder and more compact sponge with a moderately tacky top sheet. It is the perfect weapon for uncompromising, close-to-the-table attackers. EF Pro 54 stands for high speed power spin and unstoppable attacking. This is just the ideal rubber for hard-working attackers. It is not made for players who haven‘t yet perfected their technique. Ultimate hardness combined with good control and great spin is all any determined attacker will need. • GEWO‘s latest power package for unlimited close-to-the-table power • U ncompromising attackers relying on explosive, high-speed play will definitely want to give this innovative weapon a try. • Toxic serves, flat and spin-rich topspins, plus maximum power • F or hardworking players with a good technique who love the direct and linear feel of hard sponges with tacky top sheets. Speed: 137, Control: 79, Spin: 127, Sponge hardness : 2,0 / max, Thickness : 54° / hard Item no.: 10299 € 46.90 解 OF-/OF OF-/OF CHN-Impact 2

GEWO Codexx EL Pro 52 Designed especially for explosive, close-to-the-table playing styles relying on short-range and quick movement, the new Codexx EL Pro 52.5 (Elastic Power) offers spin, speed, and stability combined with low ball bounce and all the control you will need to find the right answers even in situations when you are under high pressure. This rubber will reveal its full strength in attacking situations, while it still provides more than enough control and feel for spin-rich ser ves and short stops. This rubber has got everything you need for modern power table tennis. • Excellent spin ratings for opening topspins against backspin with dangerous trajectory • P erfect ball coupling in all strokes, no slipping, no uncontrolled bouncing. • H ard close-to-the-table topspins and counter-topspins plus more than enough power for mid-distance rallies • P ower, stability, and spin for uncompromising close-to-the-table attackers relying on rather short-range and explosive movements and high-speed arm action. Speed: 135, Control: 81, Spin: 128, Sponge hardness : 2,0 / max, Thickness : 52° / hard Item no.: 10300 € 46.90

CHN-Impact 2

Quality made in Germany


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