GEWO Catalogue 2023/24


GEWO WM-Champion Brackets made from one single grey cast iron section. Plastic pads protect your table. Particularly robust design with wide clamps and easy height adjustment by means of adjusting screws. Meets all ITTF requirements. Net: black. Item no.: 3144 € 64.90

GEWO World Cup Felt pad protected clamps. Black net with replaceable metal adapter. Easy and quick handling. Meets all ITTF requirements. Net: black.

GEWO CS Starter Budget metal net kit with adjustable net tension. Very easy to handle. Ideal for hobby use and for PE at school.

GEWO CS Clip Robust, height adjustable, clamp type metal net kit Easy to set up and take down. Ideal for club use and for PE at school.

GEWO CS Profi Very robust metal net kit with handy height adjustment screw and easy to-handle clamping screw. Ideal for club use and for PE at school.

€ 16.90

€ 29.90

€ 26.90

€ 49.90

Item no.: 8938

Item no.: 8939

Item no.: 8940

Item no.: 1991


GEWO gauging tool To check the right height of the net. Item no.: 9234 € 1.00


Easy and safe storage when folded

GEWO Umpire table (without Scoreboard)

GEWO Scoreboard Compact „Time Out“

GEWO Scoreboard Prime Stable GEWO scoreboard. Doub le-spiral for easy flipping in both di rections. Stable display setup in box. Time-out cards included. Numbers from 0 to 21, games from 0 to 5. Size: 36 x 25 x 21 cm (L x H x W) Item no.: 9469 € 39.90

Easy-to-use umpire table. A must for any club. Very small when fol ded. Robust but light. Easy storage thanks to small size. Including pro tection covering for safe storage. Dimensions: 67 x 71,5 x 5,5 cm (L/H/B) Item no.: 2532 € 89.90

Stable, easy-to-use plastic material scoreboard with easily readable scores. No more trouble with torn-out scorecards. Including time-out cards. A real long-term investment. Item no.: 2011 € 42.90 GEWO Replacement numbers Suitable for GEWO-Scoreboard Compact. Item no.: 2021 € 15.90

GEWO Referee-Set Contents: two yellow, red cards each, two white time-out cards, a voting stamp and a net gauge. Item no.: 10380 € 9.90

GEWO Certificate Quadri Aruna Certificate with Quadri Aruna, DIN A4. Item no.: 11194 € 0.80


GEWO Robo Net Pro Training Perfect training accessory for robot, multi-ball and serve training. The high-quality GEWO Robot Net Pro Training is easy to handle and set up. No more time-consuming picking up of balls during and after training. Item no.: 7742 € 149.90

GEWO Pick-Up ball net High-quality training tool holding up to 72 balls. Can be folded very ea sily after training or competition for space-saving storage in the supplied transport/storage bag. Item no.: 7743 € 29.90

GEWO Ball Catcher Easily collects up to 130 balls. Easy removal of the collected table tennis balls Telescopic rod continuously adjustable from 40 cm to 90 cm. Item no.: 10345 € 46.90

GEWO Ball Catcher Well-thought-out ball pick-up box for about 130 balls. Fast, convenient collecting balls without unnecessary stooping. Delivered without a lid. Item no.: 7410 € 29.90

GEWO Grey Ball Box Ball Box for about 180 – 200 balls with a practical wooden peg, to fas ten it to the table. Item no.: 2191 € 42.90


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