GEWO Catalogue 2023/24

GEWO Allround Classic The proven GEWO Allround Classic now comes with a new design, improved playing features and even higher control ratings. You will have the right response to any ball. Ultimate ball control in any situ ation. Thanks to its excellent features, the GEWO Allround Classic has become a real classic. With its balanced control and tremen dous feel for the ball, you will find the right response to any attempt made by your opponent. You will be in control even in the most criti cal situations. The Allround Classic offers a wide range of attacking options, from controlled to fast topspins or hard smashes. The pre mium all-round blade for any player relying on variation in their play. Speed: 84, Control: 90, Weight: 80 g, Handle: FL, AN, ST Item no.: 7674 € 39.90 AR+ GEWO Bence Majoros OFF Perfection to the smallest detail: Aspiring young professional players like Bence Majoros from Hungary play an important part in material development at GEWO. Our promise: at GEWO, top contract players and brand ambassadors actually do use our equipment. Good ball contact feedback in difficult situations (e.g. topspin-against-topspin rallies) is extremely important in high-end table tennis. This OFF blade is designed for ambitious players who prefer fast and stiff blades and focus on winning points quickly. It provides great power for active close-to-the table and mid-distance playing. OF PRO-PLAYER-SERIES

GEWO Power Control New design and better playing features. This blade offers excellent control at surprising speed! The new Power Control unites the pow er of an offensive blade with the great feel of an all-round blade. For attacking all-rounders relying on precision. It combines lightness, great feel, control and power in a „tamed“ variant. With precise blocking and controlled or fast variable-spin strokes, you can put great pressure on your opponent, while you are in control of ball pla cement at all times. Recommended for players who prefer acting from mid-distance or for close-to-the-table, variable-spin players. This blade is also ideal for counter-attackers/blockers thanks to its direct and sensitive feedback. Speed: 86, Control: 89, Weight: 80 g, Handle: FL, AN, ST Item no.: 7675 € 39.90 OF-

OF GEWO Hybrid Carbon X/Speed Off Thanks to CFL Technology, the Hybrid Carbon X/Speed provides unbelievable directional stability, especially in high-speed rallies. A premium-end offensive blade with exceptional power. The unique composite structure of the blade not only enables fast and hard playing but also provides for a new spin experience. Featuring a sta bilized sweetspot for even more reliability and precision, this blade generates to-the-point attacking power even in critical situations. Compared to standard blades in this category, the Hybrid Carbon X/ Speed provides much more feedback when the bat hits the ball. Ex perience breath-taking acceleration with CFL Technology. This bla de will be a thrill for any demanding, performance-oriented player. Speed: 97, Control: 92, Weight: 80 g, Handle: FL, AN, ST Item no.: 7503 € 54.90

150 x 158 mm

6,0 mm

100 mm

32 mm

90 g


Speed: 102 Control: 88 Handle: FL, AN, ST Item No.: 8643 € 59.90



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