GEWO Catalogue 2023/24

The new blade played by Alvaro Robles fine-tuned for peak performance. Based on the wishes and demands of Alvaro Robles, runner-up world champion in men`s doubles (2019), we created a perfect blade composition supporting his sophisticated and spin-oriented playing style.


GEWO Robles Hinoki Ex-Carbon OFF OF/OF+ The blade is based on the Aruna Hinoki Carbon Off model; however, in our GEWO Robles Hinoki Ex-Carbon Off, we placed the synthetic fibre layer under the top ply and not directly on the core ply. The challenge was to choose the right gluing technique to ensure that the blade is not too hard. This modification provides for a flexible feel but, thanks to the carbon fibre, still produces the power you need to compete on the highest level.



Hinoki Carbon

Speed: 102, Control: 89, Weight: 87–90 g, Handle: FL, AN, ST Composition: Hinoki, Carbon, Koto, Ayous, Koto, Carbon, Hinoki Item no.: 10574 € 139.90



Koto Carbon


GEWO Alvaro Robles OFF This 7-ply veneer design without carbon (Limba / Samba) provides for great feel from the very begin ning without any compromises as regards speed. This is the crucial point for many players: Can I rely on my material in difficult situations? According to Alvaro You Can! The top features of GEWO Alvaro Robles OFF are the second-to-none feel and the consistent bouncing characteristics. Great speed, excellent balance and top control, with this blade you can virtually guide the ball even in the most cri OF

GEWO Alvaro Robles OFF The 5-ply Alvaro Robles OFF- is ideal for any playing situation. Depending on your choice of rubbers, this blade can be used not only for powerful but controllable attacking, it also provides you with all the flexibility you need in passive situations. It offers excellent ball-contact feedback and control in any kind of stroke and supports both well-controlled topspins and direct attacking. You will also enjoy its features when it comes to over-the-table pushing or serving/returning. Thanks to its soft touch OF-

tical situations: The greatest chal lenge for our material developers was to find the ideal combination of these features. Partnering with top producers worldwide, GEWO met this challenge perfectly. Joint passion. The result is a fully ba lanced OFF blade, made from ca refully selected, specially tested wood plies.

and the typical high-end GEWO workmanship, GEWO Alvaro Robles OFF- is the perfect blade for any all-round topspin player. Variant-rich OFFminus blade for all stroke techniques such as blocking, smashing, pushing or spinny loops – the All-rounder in our Pro Player Series.

150 x 158 mm

6,0 mm

150 x 158 mm

5,0 mm

Speed: 96 Control: 90 Handle: FL, AN, ST Item no.: 8621 € 69.90

Speed: 90 Control: 96 Handle: FL, AN, ST Item no.: 8622 € 54.90

100 mm

100 mm

32 mm

28 mm

90 g


80 g



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