GEWO Catalogue 2023/24


GEWO Hype KR PRO 47.5 • F or spin-relying attackers looking for maximum power and spin. For players who are willing to do the training work required. • S uper-dynamic, new pink GEWO sponge with spinny top rubber sheet. • M ost dynamic Hype Series rubber besides GEWO Hype XT Pro 50.0. Speed: 124, Control: 92, Spin: 121 Sponge hardness: 2,1 mm, Thickness: 47,5° | hard Item no.: 8174 € 52.90

GEWO Hype XT PRO 40.0 • T he built-in FLEX-TECH energy produces maximum spin in all strokes. • F orgiving soft high-end rubber supporting variant-rich, effective Power/All-round playing styles. • F or players looking for a rubber featuring elasticity as well as high end speed. Speed: 113, Control: 105, Spin: 124 Sponge hardness: 1,7 / 1,9 / 2,1 mm, Thickness: 40,0° | soft/medium- Item no.: 7765 € 52.90 OF-

GEWO Hype XT PRO 50.0 • Ultimate combination of spin and high speed. • O ptimum energy transfer for counter-topspin. Slower-speed balls „dig“ into the DGC40+ top sheet. This provides for excellent feedback and high energy release when the ball leaves the bat again. • F or attackers relying on maximum power. Enjoy a new experience! Speed: 125, Control: 93, Spin: 122 Sponge hardness: 2,1 mm, Thickness: 50,0° | hard+ Item no.: 7764 € 52.90 OF+


FlexTech : The flexible sponge/rubber design FLEX-TECH (XT) which was specially developed for GEWO, produces

impressive speed. Rubbers from the XT series, combined with the DGC40+ 2.0 top sheet, transform the speed of your oppo nent's topspins into energy and release this energy again in your own stroke when the ball leaves your bat. The pimple heads in the rub ber are arranged at a greater distance from one another, and they are slightly thinner than in EL rubbers. These rubbers primarily focus on speed.

Elastic Rubber: The EL rubber (Elastic Rubber), despite its com pactness provides for great ball contact feedback and a unique feel. All rubbers of this series are



GEWO Hype EL PRO 42.5 • T he GEWO Hype EL PRO 42.5 is the tempo-elastic middle rubber of the GEWO Hype EL Pro Series • A rubber with exceptional speed in reserve, but despite the high speed, allows good control in the more passive strokes when driving blocking, or pushing • T he perfect rubber for players who want maximum spin at high speeds Speed: 115, Control: 97, Spin: 120 Sponge hardness: 1,9 / 2,1 mm, Thickness: 42,5° | medium+/hard Item no.: 7494 € 51.90

GEWO Hype EL PRO 47.5 • The fastest and most dynamic rubber of the Hype EL Pro Series • The ultimate playing experience of effective power transmission and total forgiveness • The perfect combination of explosive power spin and an extreme increase in speed Speed: 122, Control: 92, Spin:120 Sponge hardness: 1,9 / 2,1 mm, Thickness: 47,5° | hard+ Item no.: 7493 € 51.90

made for spin. The pimple heads in the rub ber are arranged at a smaller distance from one another, and they are slightly thicker than in EL rubbers. When it comes to generating spin, the DGC40+ 2.0 top sheet unfolds its true strength (highly reliable coupling and maximum spin), as it provides for a slightly larger contact area upon ball contact. Enjoy a new experience!


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